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2017/2018 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Bachelor Computer Science and Engineering
OOP Project
Responsible Instructor
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S. Baars    S.Baars@tudelft.nl
Dr.ir. F.F.J. Hermans    F.F.J.Hermans@tudelft.nl
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0/2/0/0 hc; 0/4/0/0 wc: 0/4/0/0 prac
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Course Contents
Component 1: software engineering
- Software development
- Requirements and User Stories
- Designing/modeling a software system
- Collaborating in group (e.g., version control)
- Planning (basic principles of SCRUM)
- Internal and external code quality

Component 2: presenting skills
- Presenting convincingly
Study Goals
In the OOP project students learn to work in team to develop a relatively large software project. De programming techniques from the OO programming course (TI1206) are applied and the programming skills are further refined by executing the assignment. User Stories are introduced as a means to better analyse design trade-offs in the software. In addition, the students will get (hands on) experience with working in team and planning their efforts. Student are introduced to the basic concepts of software quality.

The presentation component of this courses focuses on techniques to give a convincing presentation.
Education Method
For the software engineering component:
A number of introductory courses on software engineering. A software engineering assignment in a meaningful context.

For the presenting component:
7 lectures that will be given to small groups of students (around 12 students). Students cannot miss more than 1 lecture. Students who obtain an insufficient grade can do a resit for the final presentation. If students are absent once, they will need to do an additional assignment.
- Project results (3 points)
- Video presentation (1 point)
- Self assessment of learning (7 points)
Permitted Materials during Tests
Not applicable
Your final grade is composed as follows:

1) The result of the software engineering project (weight 0.8, minimal grade necessary 5/10)
2) The result of the presentation part (weight 0.2, minimal grade necessary 5/10).

If both conditions above are satisfied, your weighted average needs to be 5.8 or higher to pass this course.

For the software engineering project there is no opportunity for a resit. Partial grades will not be carried over to a next academic year.