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2012/2013 Civil Engineering and Geosciences Bachelor Civil Engineering
Concrete Structures 2
Responsible Instructor
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Dr.ir. S.A.A.M. Fennis    S.A.A.M.Fennis@tudelft.nl
Gast Instructor
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C.B.M. Blom    C.B.M.Blom@tudelft.nl
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Education Period
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Course Contents
The course Concrete Structures 2 (CT3150) contains three theoretical parts and two accompanying exercises.

The part of reinforced concrete consists of one way and two way spanning slabs, punching shear and crack width control.

The second part consists of statically determinate prestressed girders.

In the third part the theory and execution of drilled tunnels is dealt with.

In the exercise "reinforced concrete" a flat slab floor is designed.
In the exercise "prestressed concrete" a prestressed girder of a bridge is designed.
Study Goals
Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:
Design one way spanning slabs, two way spanning slabs and flat slabs.
Understand and apply the punchning shear check and crack width control of reinforced concrete.
Design pre-stressed concrete girders and understand their behavior.
Calculate prestress losses.
Calculate the bending moment and shear force capacities of prestressed concrete girders.
Detail the areas in which (prestressing) forces are introduced.
Design and dimension drilled tunnels.

28hr lectures
25hr study
40hr exercises
16hr exam preparation
3hr exam
112hr total (4 ECTS)
Education Method
Lectures, Exercises
Course Relations
Concrete Structures 2 uses: Structural mechanics 1-3, Structural safety (CT2052).
Concrete Structures 2 is used by: CIE4160, Structural engineering courses.
Literature and Study Materials
Study Guide.
The website of Blackboard CT3150.

Study material
Textbook "Prestressed Concrete".
by Prof.dr.ir. J.C. Walraven & dr.ir.drs. C.R. Braam.
Book "Concrete linings for shield driven tunnels".
by Dr.ir. C.B.M. Blom

Exercise prestressed concrete girder
Exercise reinforced concrete flat slab.
Abstracts from the Eurocode.
Texts and exercises are based on Eurocode 2 (NEN-EN 1992-1-1)
Two exercises and a 3 hour written examination
Permitted Materials during Tests
1 - A4 with hand written notes (one side only).
The result of the written examination is registered when both compulsory exercises are completed.