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2013/2014 Industrial Design Engineering IO Electives
Design of Products in Healthcare
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Dr.ir. M. Melles    M.Melles@tudelft.nl
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Designing products for healthcare is quite different from designing consumer products. There are many additional aspects you should consider as a designer. Examples are the strong rules regarding patient safety, the elaborate medical work flow and typical features of the often hectic working environment, and the diversity of tasks and needs of a multidisciplinary group of users. In this course these aspects will be addressed by means of lectures and a design assignment specified to a hospital department or medical specialty. The assignment will be part of the research portfolio of the Medisign research group at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.
Study Goals
The main objective of this course is to experience a medical context and a design process for and with medical practitioners.
Education Method
The course consists of a design assignment, several visits to the hospital department for which you are designing and a series of lectures.

The lectures will provide basic knowledge about the healthcare system, rules and regulations regarding medical products and design tools specified to a medical context.

The design process in this course consists of three steps. Each step includes a visit to the hospital department or medical specialty you are designing for to understand the working context and to discuss and evaluate your (interim) design ideas with the users of your design.

step 1. Orientation & analysis
Data collection: literature, observation & interviews (user visit 1)
Data analysis
step 2. Idea generation
Idea generation
Evaluation with medical staff (user visit 2)
step 3. Detailing
Concept development
Evaluation with medical staff (user visit 3)
Design recommendations
Literature and Study Materials
Literature will be made available via Blackboard.
You will work in a group of four students. Assessment is based on the quality of the design (does it fit the needs and requirements of your user(s) and the medical context), quality of the research, quality in the process (link between research outcomes and ideas) and the quality of the final presentation.