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2015/2016 Industrial Design Engineering Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering
Research and Design
ECTS: 7.5
Course Coordinator
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Dr. V.T. Visch    V.T.Visch@tudelft.nl
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B-vak x/x/x/9
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Research and Design is a mandatory course in which the student is introduced to the research methodology and statistics relevant for industrial design engineering. Research practice from the staff of the faculty will be the leading thread for this course. The coaches and lecturers will explain how they tackled a specific research question, how they conducted its operationalization, and how they chose a specific experiment-design and data analysis. The relevant statistical skills will be taught and practiced in parallel sessions. In addition, the course will provide an practice-based introduction in scientific literacy and scientific writing. The student work in groups of five and the main assignment for the research part is to write a research proposal, including a small pilot, within the provided research area.
Study Goals
1. The student knows the basic principles of empirical research.
2. The student will understand how research can help solving a design problem.
3. The student will have an overview of IDE relevant research methods.
4. The student will know how to formulate a research question, an hypothesis and how to conduct and analyse a small quantitative pilot experiment.
5. The student knows how to present and report research results.
6. The student will know how to set up a research proposal according to a scientific format and is able to communicate this proposal.
7. The student will learn to choose an appropriate method for data analysis and how to perform this analysis.
8. The student knows how to adequately use sources of information and is capable in selecting, understanding and applying relevant literature.
Education Method
The course is split in two parts: a research part and a statistics part. The statistics part consists of 5 lectures, 5 practice sessions and 5 individual tests. The research part consists of 5 lectures, 7 coaching sessions, 5 short written deliverables, 2 presentations, 1 interview, conducting and analyzing a research pilot, writing a full research proposal and the completion of an online Information Literacy module. The research part is performed by teams of 5 students, the statistics part is individual.
Literature and Study Materials
- Kumar, R. (2011/2014), Research methodology (3rd/4th ed.). Sage Publishers.

- Cunningham, J. B. and J. O. Aldrich (2012), Using SPSS. An interactive hands-on approach (3rd ed.). Sage Publishers.
The final grade of the course will be rounded up to half a point and is composed by the following main parts and successive weights:

1. Research Part: counts for 65% of the course end grade. The assignment of the research part consists of the following five components:
a. A research proposal written by your group and handed in to your coach (digitally on BB and two printed copies: one for your coach, one for the external reviewer.
b. Five short written deliverables that will serve as main input for discussion during the coaching sessions. Each deliverable should be handed in before 12.00 noon the day preceding the coaching session using the assignment tool at BB.
Each week another member of your group will write the deliverable. Each deliverable will be graded by your coach in BB with a Negative, Sufficient, or Good. Take care: If your group omits to hand in one of the five deliverables in time, the group grade of the research part will be subtracted by one full point. See section 3.2 of the manual for more information.
c. The online Information Literacy Test. This test can be found at BB and will be accessible to you during the second week of the course. Friday May 1nd is last day you can do this test. The results of this test will be handed to you within 4 weeks, a negative grade will result in a subtraction of 0.5 point of your general research part grade. See appendix 1 of this manual for more information.
d. A mid-term presentation in week 6.
e. The exam presentation: a 10-minute group presentation followed by a 20-minute defence to your coach and to an external reviewer. During the defence you and your groupmembers are individually questioned, eventually resulting in an addition or subtraction of 0.5 point of the individual end grade.
Summarized, the grading of the research part is performed by your coach. The quality of your groupís research proposal will be the main component for your grade but the groupís research process during the course and the presentations (midterm and final) will also be taken into account. Your coach may decide to give you an individual grade, diverting from the groupís grade, based on the end defense as well as on your attendance during the coach meetings. Moreover, the deliverables and the online literacy test will have the above written predefined consequences on your grade.
2. Statistics part: counts for 35% of the course end grade. You need to get a 5.0 at minimum for your (total) statistics score in order to successfully finish the course. The statistics part consists of the following elements:
a. A final computer exam counting for 40% of the statistics end grade.
b. Four smaller subtests, each counting for 15% of the Statistics end grade.

All course assignments and presentations are supposed to be delivered and presented in the English language.
In the BB section ďCourse InformationĒ, you can find the general schedule displaying lectures and exams and the coaching schedule displaying the coaching time-slots and locations.
Enrolment / Application
A mandatory application for all courses (mandatory and electives courses) shall be made via the electronic applications system Osiris in the period that Osiris there to is opened. This period closes about 5 calendar weeks prior to the first day of the semester in which the programme starts; the faculty announces the exact deadline for application timely. The application for courses has to take place per semester, meaning for courses of 2 quarters at once.

See http://www.io.tudelft.nl/osiris for deadlines and details.