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2015/2016 Industrial Design Engineering IO Electives
Socially Tangible Media
Responsible Instructor
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Prof.dr. E. Giaccardi    E.Giaccardi@tudelft.nl
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Education Period
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Different, to be announced
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Course Contents
Living in a digital world where human beings, everyday objects, and digital services are increasingly interconnected is a fundamental challenge for interaction designers today. Questions arise for interaction designers concerning how technology can help us manage our availability to others, and how the social practices that are needed to help us live in a connected world relate to our practices in the physical world.

In this course, students will explore how to frame the role that a physical object can play in a digital network and how to design the qualities of interaction with an object that connects to social data. This will be achieved through the ideation and development of design concepts.
Study Goals
By the end of the course students should be able to:

• Identify, describe and analyze existing examples of socially tangible media
• Collect and apply relevant knowledge in designing socially tangible media
• Propose and develop design concepts for socially tangible media
• Communicate design concepts for socially tangible media effectively
• Demonstrate a personal style and view on socially tangible media through a rich set of innovative design concepts
Education Method
The course consists of a series of lectures, design activities and group critiques in support of idea generation and conceptualization. Blogging is also part of the process. Scheduled moments also include meetings with experts and practitioners.
Literature and Study Materials
Sessions must be attended in person. Information and project support is provided on the course website.
Students are assessed individually. Assessment is based on attendance, active participation in class and on course deliverables. Deliverables include homework assignments, design concepts and a blog reflecting the student’s process throughout the course. A final exhibition of a coherent set of design concepts is the final exam.
Enrolment / Application
To enroll in the course, students are requested to hand in a short motivation letter (half A4 to max. 1 A4). In this letter, mention your name, master direction, student number, and your personal motivation for participating in the course.

Submit your motivation letter by email to Elisa Giaccardi: e.giaccardi@tudelft.nl

In case more than the maximum number of 30 students apply, these letters will be used to select students.

A mandatory application for all courses (mandatory and electives courses) shall still be made via the electronic applications system Osiris in the period that Osiris there to is opened. This period closes about 5 calendar weeks prior to the first day of the semester in which the programme starts; the faculty announces the exact deadline for application timely. The application for courses has to take place per semester, meaning for courses of 2 quarters at once.

See http://www.io.tudelft.nl/osiris for deadlines and details.