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2015/2016 Industrial Design Engineering Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering
Interaction and electronics
ECTS: 7.5
Responsible Instructor
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C. van der Lelie    C.vanderLelie@tudelft.nl
Dr. N.A. Romero Herrera    N.A.Romero@tudelft.nl
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The on-going miniaturization of electronic components has made them so small and cheap that they are now built into almost every consumer product. As a result more and more products need to be operated through interactive interfaces. Such interfaces enable users to access functionalities of interactive products by means of input elements (buttons, dials, switches etc.) and output elements (displays, speakers, LEDs, etc), which are coupled through electronics.
Study Goals
1. Apply user research methods and tools to setup and conduct user study
2. Analyze, interpret and assess user data
3. Apply Interaction Design and User Experience methods to design an Interaction concept
4. Apply graphic and information design principles to design and assess user interfaces
5. Design & Implement lo-fi (pen and paper) prototypes
6. Design & implement hi-fi (interactive) prototypes (apply digital and electronics principles)
7. Communicate (defend) interaction design process and concept (employ prototypes)
Education Method
The course will combine knowledge transfer with practice-based assignments through the following activities:
The final assessment of the course will be based on the following items:
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A mandatory application for all courses (mandatory and electives courses) shall be made via the electronic applications system Osiris in the period that Osiris there to is opened. This period closes about 5 calendar weeks prior to the first day of the semester in which the programme starts; the faculty announces the exact deadline for application timely. The application for courses has to take place per semester, meaning for courses of 2 quarters at once.

See http://www.io.tudelft.nl/osiris for deadlines and details.