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2016/2017 Aerospace Engineering Master Aerospace Engineering
Real-time Distributed Flight and Space Simulation
Responsible Instructor
Name E-mail
Ir. O. Stroosma    O.Stroosma@tudelft.nl
Name E-mail
Dr.ir. M.M. van Paassen    M.M.vanPaassen@tudelft.nl
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x
Education Period
Start Education
Exam Period
Course Language
Expected prior knowledge
AE4322 (Piloted Flight Simulation)
Course Contents
Lecture topics, not necessarily in chronological order
1) C++ introduction
2) Real-time software engineering
3) Delft University Environment for Communication and Activation (DUECA)
4) Modelling tools
5) Verification and Validation
6) Software project management

Programming assignments, individually and in a team. The course is completed with a practical project in which students program, demonstrate and document a distributed simulation with an aerospace theme. Attendance in the project meetings is mandatory.
Study Goals
1) The student can identify the software issues related to real-time, distributed simulation.
2) The student can actively apply the theory of rigid body dynamics in real-time simulation.
3) The student can combine the modelling of dynamical systems with numerical integration routines.
4) The student can use quaternions to represent rigid body attitudes.
5) The student can implement simulation models using different software languages and tools (C++, Simulink).
6) The student can create 3D models for computer visualisation and optimise these for real-time simulation.
7) The student can (in a team) implement a real-time simulation on a distributed platform, using advanced software tools.
Education Method
Lectures, programming instruction, and programming assignments.
Literature and Study Materials
Lecture slides and other materials are put on Blackboard.
Individual assignments and team project report.