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2016/2017 Applied Sciences Master Science Education and Communication
Communicatie, Marketing & Innovatie
Responsible Instructor
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Dr.ir. S.M. Flipse    S.M.Flipse@tudelft.nl
É. Kalmár    E.Kalmar-1@tudelft.nl
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Course Language
Dutch (on request English)
Required for
This course is part of the Minor programme 'Communication Design for Innovation'.
Course Contents
The aim of this course is to present and discuss the process of innovation, in light of its practical difficulties and future marketing aspects.

Part 1: innovation process management Lectures 1/2

What is innovation? (Market + new)
Design thinking & strategy sweet spot
Commercial vs. Academic innovation
Wicked problems
Innovator’s dilemma
European Innovation policy
Innovation process management / project management methods
Part 2: The social aspects of innovation Lectures 3/4

Soft aspect management
Collaborations in innovation (e.g. location / decentralized working / sharing)
Communication in innovation
Credible innovations
Teamwork and collaboration
Collaboration readiness
Part 3: Marketing innovation Lectures 5/6

Consumer acceptance of technology
Marketing mix
Customer relations and liking
Corporate buying behavior and DMUs
Reputation management
Crossing the chasm
Uncertainty management vs. Rock game
Market analysis
Part 4: Responsible innovation management Lectures 7/8

Policy and strategy
Responsible Innovation process: Responsiveness, Reflexivity, Inclusion & Anticipation
Public outreach & involvement
Customer relations management
External communication for responsible innovation: organizational credibility
Environmental sustainability / carbon footprint assessment
Socio-ethical, socio-political and legal context assessment
Study Goals
After this course, you are able to:

- Describe various theories and models in the field of marketing, communication and innovation management.
- Apply various theories and models in the field of marketing, communication and innovation management to the daily practice of innovation development.
- Reflect on the intricate relationship between marketing, communication and innovation from the perspective of innovation development.
Education Method
This course contains 8 central lectures, complemented by group discussions supervised and supported by student assistants
Individual written exam and four group essays