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2017/2018 Architecture Master Geomatics
ECTS: 30
Responsible Instructor
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Dr. H. Ledoux    H.Ledoux@tudelft.nl
Course Coordinator
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Dr. H. Ledoux    H.Ledoux@tudelft.nl
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Course Contents
The graduation work is the last step in the Geomatics education. It is completed in the form of an individual research project. GEO2020 follows GEO2010, and involves carrying out the research according to the plan of GEO2010.

The topic of the scientific project can be related to any of the subjects offered by the Geomatics programme. The project must be supervised by one or more of the lecturers who participated in the Geomatics education. The project can be performed in cooperation with a company/institution, which provides a use case or a problem statement (but the work is always supervised by the scientific staff of the university).

The graduation work deliverables are: (1) a scientific report (a thesis); and (2) an oral presentation.
Study Goals
With the graduation work the student had proven to comply with the generic and domain requirements of the Geomatics MSc degree such as:

1. has skilled in one or more academic disciplines;
2. has the ability to cooperate and communicate;
3. demonstrate scientific and technological skills;
4. show ability to work independently and perform research;
5. demonstrate capacity to manage, both technically and time-wise, a research or design project.
Education Method
individual work
Practical Guide
All details are available at: http://tudelftgeomatics.github.io/thesis/

Blackboard is not used.
scientific report + presentation. These are evaluated by the graduation committee, guided by the geomatics graduation manual.
Special Information
On set conditions, Geomatics students have the possibility to carry out their graduation research project at a company. Students who wish to do so are required to sign a standard internship agreement in advance, including a research proposal which has been approved by the main mentor. Additional conditions and requirements are stipulated in the internship agreement (master) which can be found at http://studenten.tudelft.nl/en/students/faculty-specific/architecture/forms/. The agreements can be signed at the secretariat of Education and Student Affairs.
Period of Education
Course evaluation
For the course evaluations see: http://kwaliteitszorg.bk.tudelft.nl/