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2017/2018 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Master Electrical Engineering
Computer Arithmetic
Responsible Instructor
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Dr. S.D. Cotofana    S.D.Cotofana@tudelft.nl
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Education Period
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Exam Period
Course Language
Expected prior knowledge
Digital Systems (ET1405 or an equivalent course on Logic Design and Hardware Description Languages) - logic gates, Boolean algebra, MOS transistor, CMOS gates, delay models, Combinatorial circuits, sequential circuits, flip-flops, registers, state machines, basic VHDL knowledge.

Computer Architecture and Organization (ET2605 or an equivalent course on computer architecture) - processor architecture and organization, instruction set architecture, pipeline organization.
Course Contents
The course emphasises on theoretical aspects of computer arithmetic. It covers concepts and various topics related to fixed and floating-point number systems, algorithms and implementations for addition, multiplication, division, square root, and other high order arithmetic operations.
Study Goals
The study goals for the course are as follows:

1.  The student can operate with concepts and notions related to:

(i) number representation systems;
(ii) algorithms and implementations for basic integer arithmetic operations, i.e.,
addition/subtraction, multiplication, and division.

2.  Assuming certain processor architecture and requirements she/he can perform design space exploration and select the most appropriate algorithms for the implementation of the basic functional units.

3.  She/he can operate with concepts and notions related to floating point systems and operations, elementary function evaluation, e.g., CORDIC, and error analysis.

4. She/he can design arithmetic units and application specific (co-)processors, optimized for speed, area, power consumption, or combinations of those.

5.  She/he can study recent advances in computer arithmetic, classify research papers, and report about them.
Education Method
Lectures and homework assignments.
Literature and Study Materials
Text book: Computer Arithmetic: Algorithms and Hardware Designs, Behrooz Parhami, Oxford University Press, NY, 2000, ISBN 0-19-512583-5.

Example exams with solutions available on Blackboard.
Exam and homework assignments contribute to the final grade as follows:

written open book exam - 60% of the final grade;
homework assignments - 40% of the final grade;
Permitted Materials during Tests
Exam is open book. Books on computer arithmetic,computer architecture, and logic design, and lecture slides are allowed during the exams.