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2007/2008 Industrial Design Engineering IO Electives
Design for Children's Play and Learning
Responsible Instructor
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Ir. M.A. Gielen    M.A.Gielen@tudelft.nl
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Course Contents
This course will focus on what designers need to know about children in order to cater for their needs, and how to apply this knowledge in the design of children's products with great play value.
When designing for children, one has to get familiar with the viewpoint of children. Every child goes through approximately the same stages of development, but that development makes every child change in a fast pace. Knowledge on the physical, cognitive and social-emotional growth of children attributes to adequate product development for them.
Play is a unique activity. Toys are a tool for play, and knowledge of the characteristics of play supports the design of these tools.
Play is also a form of self-motivated learning. Thus, tools for play can also be considered as tools for informal learning.
Study Goals
The objectives of this course are to acquire knowledge on the development and needs of children and the role of toys in this; to acquire knowledge on learning and the role of means for informal learning in this; and to acquire skills in applying this knowledge in the design process.
Education Method
Lectures, practicals and a design assignment, to be executed in pairs. The seven sessions with lectures and practicals will take up to 4 hours each.
Literature and Study Materials
Reader: Design for children’s play and learning
Obligatory attendance of the lectures and assessment of the design assignment.
Enrolment / Application
This course can take a maximum of 20 students. Participants are selected on the basis of their registration through TAS and a short motivation in which they explain what they want to learn from the course. The motivation has to be sent to m.a.gielen@tudelft.nl before the closing date of the registration in TAS.
Special Information
Mathieu A. Gielen,
Room 2A-41, phone +31 (0)15 27 82749 (wednesday and thursday).
E-mail: m.a.gielen@tudelft.nl