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2007/2008 Technology, Policy and Management Master Management of Technology
Integration Moment I
Module Manager
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Dr. W.A.G.A. Bouwman    W.A.G.A.Bouwman@tudelft.nl
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Dr. R. Dekker    Ronald.Dekker@tudelft.nl
Prof.dr.ir. P.M. Herder    P.M.Herder@tudelft.nl
Prof.dr. A.H. Kleinknecht    A.H.Kleinknecht@tudelft.nl
Dr.ir. K.F. Mulder    K.F.Mulder@tudelft.nl
Dr. R.M. Verburg    R.M.Verburg@tudelft.nl
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The knowledge students have obtained during the first semester of the Management of Technology program is rather varied and diverse, from economics to theories of technological change and from human resource management and marketing to corporate governance. Although the first four modules of the MoT curriculum are designed to give students knowledge and understanding of the effective management of the development of high technology products in a turbulent and dynamic environment, it might be difficult to integrate the different theories and bodies of knowledge. Even more difficult is the issue how to apply the repertoire of MoT skills and capabilities. The Integration Moment at the end of the first semester is designed to help students to integrate the knowledge from the first semester and to get acquainted with the MoT skills, and the way knows how and skills are mutually dependent.
Course Contents
Assignments to prepare for a Business game, as well as the game itself
Study Goals
The Integration Moment at the end of the first semester is designed to help students to synthesize MoT knowledge and skills. Another goal of the Integration Moment is to assess the studentís ability to integrate and apply knowledge on technology management and to test their ability to apply MoT skills effectively.
Education Method
The assessments are based on an individual assessment as well as on participation in group work.
Literature and Study Materials
Literature used in the courses of the first semester, as well as Information communicated via Blackboard (blackboard.icto.tudelft.nl). The case material that is central during this course will be provided by the instructor.
We will discuss a case during the Integration Moment from different perspectives. Students will be expected to do written assignments as well as participate in a business game. Students are expected to play different roles, representing the management of involved companies. Games played the last years are amongst other the take over of Skype by eBay, and Google.