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Year 2011/2012
Organization Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering
Education Master Mechanical Engineering

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Code Specialisation Mechatronic System Design (ME-PME-MSD)

Program Items

Program Coordinator
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Ir. J.J.L. Neve    J.J.L.Neve@tudelft.nl
Program Title
Specialisation Mechatronic System Design (ME-PME-MSD)
Introduction 1
* Prof. R. Munnig Schmidt, tel. +31 (0)15 2786663, R.H.MunnigSchmidt@tudelft.nl
* Prof. Jan van Eijk, tel. +31 (0)15 2785396, J.vanEijk@tudelft.nl
* Secretary Ms. C.P. du Burck, tel. +31 (0)15 27 85733, C.P.duBurck@tudelft.nl

Mechatronic System Design focuses on the multi-disciplinary design of precision positioning and guiding systems for the high tech industry. The specialisation integrates fundamental disciplines like mechanics, control, electronics, electromechanics, optics and embedded software. Special attention is given to supporting technologies like tribology and dimensional metrology. Some of the most challenging issues relate to communication and cooperation with experts in these different disciplines and to the ability to realise designs that make optimal use of their expert knowledge. The mechatronics student will have the opportunity to broaden his or her knowledge and skills in the design and modelling of integrated systems.
Typical research projects are often carried out in collaboration with industry (Philips, ASML, TNO, etc.) In special occasions international internships or research work at other institutes like MIT and EPFL can be done.

Ongoing projects include:
* High-precision magnetic bearing concepts .
* Adaptive optical systems
* High-precision positioning stages
* Rapid pick and place machinery for micro components
* High-precision desktop machinery for combined high-speed milling and electro discharge machining (EDM)
* Desktop machinery for haptic micro assembly
* Hybrid bearing systems for high-speed, high-precision stages
* MEMS actuators for dual stage disk drives

The majority of the MSc graduates will fill positions as mechatronic designers in multidisciplinary product development teams at the abovementioned companies . Other opportunities include continuing research within universities and other research institutes. Some graduates may choose to work for engineering consultancies and a few may even start their own companies.