TU Delft
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Year 2011/2012
Organization Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering
Education Master Mechanical Engineering

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Code Specialisation BioRobotics (ME-BMD-BR)

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Program Coordinator
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Dr. D. Dodou    D.Dodou@tudelft.nl
Introduction 1
Biorobotics emphasizes the analysis and design of robots meant to interact physically with humans. Topics include haptic interfaces, robot arms, walking robots and other bio-inspired robots. A haptic interface is a controlling device for a slave robot or a virtual environment, say, which provides the human operator with force feedback giving additional information about the environment, real or virtual, so as to improve task performance. Another topic is bipedal humanoid robots, which use the same strategy as human beings to walk: making optimum use of the passive dynamic properties of the legs. These robots are intended to assist in a human environment ("service robots"), to study human walking or for the entertainment industry. Students in this specialization are encouraged to take robotics-related courses from other departments, such as Robot Vision, Realtime Embedded Systems, or Artificial Intelligence.