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Year 2011/2012
Organization Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Education Minors EWI

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Code EE-Mi-109-11
Description EE-Mi-109-11 Electrical Engineering for Autonomous Exploration Robots

Program Items

Minor Coordinator
Name E-mail
Dr.ir. N.P. van der Meijs    N.P.vanderMeijs@tudelft.nl
ECTS Program
Administration by the Faculty of
Administration by the Education of
Minor Title
Minor Electrical Engineering for Autonomous Exploration Robots
Contact for Students (Minor)
Dr. ir. N. P. van der Meijs
Intended for
Bachelorstudents Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Marine Technology (i.e. constructing sciences) and Applied Sciences.
Gives access to
Master Electrical Engineering (when the course ET2205-D3 Electromagnetic Waves is selected as an homologation course in the free electives of the master)
Expected prior Knowledge
Calculus, Lineair Algebra, Physics, Signals and Systems
Prerequisites Minor
Calculus, Lineair Algebra, elementary BSc physics
Minor Exit Qualifications
- Students will gain knowledge and skills in the elementary disciplines of Electrical Engineering, and knowledge and skills to analyse and solve electrotechnical problems.
- Students will become capable to identify electrotechnical aspects in the field of their major and evaluate potential use of various electrotechnical solutions.
- Students will be prepared for admission into the Master Electrical Engineering
Minor Coherence / Goal
This minor offers the studens a wide range of courses and an integrating project, enabling them to acquire a good insight in the field of Electrical Engineering. The minor aims at offering tools (knowledge, skills) to be applied in the students own (major) discipline. Since Electrical Engineering is so widespread in all branches of technology, understanding the foundations of EE as offered in this minor will be of great use to engineers and scientists in most any field. At the same time, this minor offers interested students the background to enroll in the Masters program of Electrical Engineering. The only extra requirement is to take the course "Electromagnetic Waves" (ET2205-D3, 4 EC.) in the homologation space of the master.
Minor Content 1
Electrical Engineering for the Autonomous Exploration Robots (30 EC)
- ET3033TU, Netwerkanalyse (3 EC)
- ET3604LR, Elektronische schakelingen (3 EC)
- IN2305-A, Digitale Systemen (4 EC)
- ET3031TU, Elektriciteit en Magnetisme (3 EC)
- ET8002A, Telecommunication Techniques (3 EC)
- ET4119, Vermogensconversie (4 EC)
- ET8016, Structured Electronic Design (5 EC)
- ET3038TU, Mars Rover project (5 EC)

This project entails the design and implementation of a Mars Rover robot, in groups of about 4-5 students. The project is based on a digitally controlled stepper-motor driven platform. The digital control is created using an onboard FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) module. Such a module is in fact reconfigurable custom hardware, and FPGAs fill the space between custom chips and programmable computers. The design of an FPGA based system is very similar to the design of chips. The system can be augmented with a number of sensors, enabling a wide range of functions to be performed, allowing the platform to function as a Mars Rover. The courses in this minor provide the background knowledge in order to carry out this project succesfully.
Education Methods
Lectures, project
Minor Assessment
written exams, report.
Maximum number of participants
Minimum number of participants
Minor Remarks / Schedule
All courses and the project in this minor are assessed separately, and must be graded with a 6 or higher. The language is, almost completely, English. All assessments and reading materials are in English.


Course code Course Title Ects points
ET3031TU Electricity and Magnetism
ET3033TU Circuit Analysis
ET3038TU Mars Rover Project
ET3604LR Electronic Circuits
    ET3604LRP     Electronic Circuits
ET4119 Electronic Power Conversion
ET8002A Telecommunications Techniques
ET8016 Structured Electronic Design
TI2720-B Digitale Systemen