TU Delft
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Year 2011/2012
Organization Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Education Master Embedded Systems

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Code Master ES 2011
Description Master Embedded Systems (ES) 2011

Program Items

Program Coordinator
Name E-mail
Dr. J. Caussin    J.Caussin@tudelft.nl
MSc Coordinator
Name E-mail
Dr.ir. A.J. van Genderen    A.J.vanGenderen@tudelft.nl
Program Title
Embedded Systems
ECTS Program
The Embedded Systems MSc programme is an advanced programme: a thorough basic academic knowledge in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or a related discipline is a prerequisite. A BSc degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering from TU Delft gives automatic entrance to the programme, as do the corresponding degrees from other universities in the Netherlands, Imperial College London, ETH Zürich, RWTH Aachen and Paris Tech. Holders of a BSc degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or a related discipline from other universities may apply for the MSc programme at the Admissions Office of TU Delft.

In general, holders of a Dutch HBO diploma in ‘Technische Informatica’ or ‘Elektrotechniek’ will have to complete the special HBO-TU bridging programme before they can be admitted to the MSc programme. Information about admission can be obtained from the Admissions Office of TU Delft, from the Academic Counsellors, or from the MSc programme coordinator.

Students with a TU Delft BSc degree in a subject other than Computer Science (CS) or Electrical Engineering (EE) can also be admitted to the MSc in Embedded Systems . They will have to obtain approximately 30 EC worth of bachelor degree CS or EE courses to comply with the prerequisites of the MSc. A special minor programme has been developed to comply with the rules agreed between the 3 universities of technology in the Netherlands. This minor may be taken in the third year of a TU Delft BSc programme.

For further information, please contact the MSc programme coordinator.
Contact for Students
Program Structure 1
The MSc programme in Embedded Systems takes two years (120 EC) and is taught in English. The programme consists of:
- A homologation part worth at most 20 EC. If no or partial homologation is needed the remaining EC are added tot the electives part
- A compulsory part worth 25 EC
- An electives part worth at least 35, such that the sum of homologation courses and elective courses is at least 55 EC, including an optional internship of maximal 20 EC. Courses are to be selected out of a given list of electives
- A Master thesis worth 40 EC, consisting of a research project worth 10 EC (IN4610) and a final project worth 30 EC (IN4600)